Wildlife Fencing

30 years of experience building and installing wildlife fences.
Our fencing philosophy and strategies incorporate wildlife.

Ecosystems Matter

Score Construction has provided wildlife fencing for various species over the last 30 years such as, deer fence, elk fence, rattlesnake fence, herpetile fence (frog fences), caribou fence, wolf fence and fences that combine some of each. We use a variety of materials that are site specific such as treated wood posts and steel pipe posts which driven in place. The most common style of wire is a wildlife mesh which comes in various heights from 3ft to 8ft tall. The wire in this mesh is made from high tensile steel and it is very strong which in turn allows us to stretch it very tight providing a long lasting perimeter fence. As with all the other types of fence we install , we manufacture our own gates which allows us to customize any options the customer may want.

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